Hemp Skin Australia's Journey

I’m Kirsty, the Founder of Hemp Skin Australia. Our mission is to create a local, sustainable skincare range that works for every body. 

Our journey started out in frustration and a driving passion to make one corner of the world just a little bit lighter and happier in 2021. 

Rosacea has significantly impacted my life and my confidence but I would continue to try and manage the flare ups with expensive skincare products and monthly laser treatments, and sometimes, antibiotics. This was not only painful but also expensive and time consuming.

Then in March 2020 the world stopped and so did my maintenance laser treatments. With the added stress of Melbourne and lockdown life, my skin (like many others out there) was really unhappy, very painful and again I was trying to throw money at it. Home LED light masks, more expensive products that just exasperated the problem.

Healthy healing and growth

We love hemp products and as we continue to grow we will be investing back into hemp.

We almost didn't get our product off of the ground due to packaging and waste. The lack of supply chain in Australia is a challenge, one we want to support to grow.

Our aim is to set up a social enterprise that solely focuses on the use of the hemp plant so we can start to heal the planet, clean the air and soil, and start a loving movement locally.

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