How to Use Our Two Step Cleanser

For best results use straight after a shower as your pores will be open.

Step 1 - Oil:

Apply around 4 to 5 pumps in to your hand 

Rub your hands together to warm the oil

Gently massage into your skin

Add a splash or few drops of warm water and massage the water in to the oil

Get a face wash that is wet with warm water (not hot especially if you have sensitive skin) place it over your face leave for about 5 seconds and then slowly and gently wipe the oil away with the wet face towel

Gentle pat dry your face with a clean, dry towel


Step 2 - Spray:

Shake the bottle well before use

Spray around 3 to 4 pumps evenly across your faces.

Wait a minute or 2 for the second step to fully dry on your skin before you apply your face oil


Helpful video guide: