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Daily Face Oil

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Join the face oil moisturising revolution!

A lightweight oil that can be used for your daily skin hydration. Get on board with the daily face oil revolution! 

We’ve curated the ingredients of this face oil to be packed full of healing properties specially selected to make a truly special daily face oil.


How to use our hydrating daily face oil: 

Use morning or night, or both. If applying under makeup and powder, allow a minute for the oil to fully penetrate the skin before applying your foundation.


Why we love this product: 

This oil has changed how I feel about looking in the mirror at my skin, although I still have rosacea and flush I dont break out in angry painful skin I just get a little flushed and pink and go on about my day.


Best for all skin types: 

A lightweight oil that can be used as your daily skin hydration. Perfect for even oily skin - we know that sounds counterintuitive but give it a go - the results will amaze you! 


The Hemp Skin Australia difference: 

We infuse our hemp seed oil with a range of botanicals like calendula, chamomile, and also some good vibes! We play music and talk actively with our ingredients as we prepare them. This is a slow process that takes 6 weeks. From there we gently blend it with other organic natural ingredients and essential oils to promote optimum skin health.

We use this process to ensure we keep the benefits of the hemp seed oil at its maximum potency. Our range has been developed to nourish the protective layer of the skin that may have been damaged by skin trauma like acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, sun, minor burns, or natural ageing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lauren Bannan
Good for sensitive skin

I was recommended this product by a friend for my sensitive, reactive skin that is prone to redness, drying a some light acne. I use this in combination with a rose hip oil and find it lovely on the skin. Redness has died down and have had no severe reaction as I often do when changing products. Really love and will use daily!

Carla Chapman
Beautiful fresh skin

Best skincare I have ever used. So calm and gentle on the skin while leaving it so hydrated and fresh. The oil isn’t oily. It’s super nourishing

Michael Giglio
New favourite product

I have naturally oily skin, so have typically stayed away from face oils in the past. However I took a chance on a friends recommendation and now I will never go back to traditional moisturiser! This Daily Face Oil is so lightweight and easily absorbs into my skin. It has a beautiful matte finish and really balances out the oiliness of my complexion. By mid-afternoon I usually have a sheen across my t-zone when using other products. I have not noticed that at all since using this oil. My skin has felt softer and smoother in the couple of months I have been using it. I've also noticed the pores around my nose have become tighter and less visible. Great product, lovely packaging, and the sustainability is an awesome bonus too!

Calmer, softer, less reactive. Customer for life!

I had come off the back of using Doterra’s skincare products which I found caused my rosacea to flair and my skin felt dry, angry and irritated. I was trying to sort it out with my usual regime of oils, creams and serums but it had been a few weeks and I was not getting far. That night I saw Hemp Skin Australia pop up on my Facebook page and thought I had nothing to lose. For six weeks I used nothing but the daily face oil and a plain sensitive skin moisturiser, morning and night. The difference in my skin was incredible. It is calmer and softer than I remember it feeling in many years, and the redness! It’s almost completely gone! Normally I get tight red skin over my forehead, cheeks and chin, now, just a little remains on my cheeks - even my broken capillaries look less obvious. I wish I’d taken before and afters. I also have a 6yo with very reactive skin, who breaks out in a rash and eczema if she has dairy, if she goes in a chlorinated pool, or if she wears sunscreen. I started using it on her (sparingly) to see if it would help and it definitely did, so much so that she now asks for it. My husband got home last night with dry sunburnt skin, and immediately asked if he could use “some of that oil you bought.” So yeah, you could say it’s popular in our house!

Amy H

I've been using this oil at night for the last few weeks and the difference in plumpness the first morning after actually surprised me! It was so pillowy soft. I'm obsessed and have been telling all my friends!
Amy on Dec 04, 2021