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Daily Face Oil

Daily Face Oil

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Join the face oil moisturising revolution!

A lightweight oil that can be used for your daily skin hydration. Get on board with the daily face oil revolution! 

We’ve curated the ingredients of this face oil to be packed full of healing properties specially selected to make a truly special daily face oil.


How to use our hydrating daily face oil: 

Use morning or night, or both. If applying under makeup and powder, allow a minute for the oil to fully penetrate the skin before applying your foundation.


Why we love this product: 

This oil has changed how I feel about looking in the mirror at my skin, although I still have rosacea and flush I dont break out in angry painful skin I just get a little flushed and pink and go on about my day.


Best for all skin types: 

A lightweight oil that can be used as your daily skin hydration. Perfect for even oily skin - we know that sounds counterintuitive but give it a go - the results will amaze you! 


The Hemp Skin Australia difference: 

We infuse our hemp seed oil with a range of botanicals like calendula, chamomile, and also some good vibes! We play music and talk actively with our ingredients as we prepare them. This is a slow process that takes 6 weeks. From there we gently blend it with other organic natural ingredients and essential oils to promote optimum skin health.

We use this process to ensure we keep the benefits of the hemp seed oil at its maximum potency. Our range has been developed to nourish the protective layer of the skin that may have been damaged by skin trauma like acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, sun, minor burns, or natural ageing.

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Customer Reviews

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Louise Midolo
Bottle of magic

A girl I worked with gave me a sample. I actually used on my head. My psoriasis due to stress was inflamed on my skull. I used this and it calmed my skull down. Also used on skin which it is made for and was beautiful. Bought the bottle. Using all the time on face and skull. It’s a beautiful product and I’m glad someone introduced me to it.

Maja Kosic
Rich and luxurious

This oil is AMAZING! Its high quality, absorbs beautifully into the skin and smells great.

I use this for my skin AND hair and I love it. I’m happy I found an all natural skincare product that I trust.

Magic in a bottle

I can’t express how much I love this face oil!! It’s an absolute game changer. I’ve even used it to soothe face flushing and sunburn. Can’t start my day without my daily face oil :)

Best Face Oil!!

I love using Hemp Skin's face oils. My skin looks and feels amazing every time I use the face oils. Highly recommend their face oils.