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Luxury Clay Face Mask Kit

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Our amazing clay mask draws out impurities from within your skin for noticeable results within days. Made with Australian Kaolin clay & hemp seed oil, your skin will feel cleansed, refreshed & hydrated.

Luxury Starter Pack includes: Raw Ingredient Face Mask Wet and Dry Ingredients + Purely Natural Coconut Bowl and Mixing Spoon + Face Mask Applicator + Headband + Face Washer. 


How to use our amazing clay mask: 

Our calming clay mask has been developed for that instant feel good skin. Just mix, apply, relax & wipe away for noticeably plump and hydrated skin. 

Personally, we love to put on before a luxurious soak. So light up your favourite scent, apply some cucumber slices to the eyes (‘cause nothing says luxury like cucumber peel!), put on your favourite chill out tune to nourish all the senses and reach pinnacle indulgent relaxation.


Why we love this product: 

Our founder has lived with rosacea for many years and can't stand a hot bath but with a mask on to cool the face, it's super relaxing . It’s magical - as her face flushes from the hot bath and rosacea, the amazing anti-inflammatory properties from the infused hemp seed oil kicks-in and keeps the face cool & refreshed.


Best for all skin types: 

Everyone can benefit from this amazing clay mask. If you’re blessed with lucious skin, this mask is perfect for after a day in the sun or as a lovely treat. 

Our Australian Kaolin clay masks soothe sensitive skin, with a calming effect on inflamed skin while still removing impurities. 

Suffer from acne and skin infections? The calming effect on inflamed breakouts is incredible! Using a clay face mask can help remove impurities from the skin to treat acne or reduce the likelihood of pimples and skin infections.


The Hemp Skin Australia difference: 

With no preservatives or nasties - our clay mask comes as separate wet and dry goodness. You can have the complete spa experience at home by mixing your mask to your desired consistency in our bespoke coconut bowl. 

Our clay masks are preservative free, made using no metals to ensure the magic within the clay is not compromised during the creation process. This is also why we recommend using our coconut bowl to mix your clay mask. Our hemp is cold processed so you get the maximum benefits of it’s natural goodness.